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She gave me a very specific weighing/feeding/pumping/supplementing plan that absolutely SAVED nursing for us. She was so on top of every detail - modifying the plan weekly or even more often as he changed and things developed. She was literally the light at the end of my dark tunnel. Still nursing very happily and I know that that would NOT have been possible without Maggie!! I am forever grateful to her and could not recommend her more full-heartedly and confidently. THANK YOU, MAGGIE!!

Kelly W.

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Highly recommend Maggie! She helped me recently with lactation consulting and introduction of solids to baby. I was feeling very overwhelmed by a sudden breastfeeding issue and she helped me find a solution, feel relaxed, and not give up!

Kristy K.

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Maggie helped our family with both newborns and also probably a good half dozen of my friends already. We’ll keep happily recommending her as a great help with establishing breastfeeding in complicated cases. She is very knowledge and also has a very calming positive vibe which definitely helps!

Emma P.

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Maggie treated us with compassion and quickly demonstrated a deep and far reaching expertise in her field. She clarified things we’d heard from our Hebamme which had always confused us. She gave us a ton of practical options to chose from based on our own priorities. Plus after the chat she delivered a really wonderfully thorough plan.

Jon A.

Client Reviews: Client Testimonial
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