For any of you who might be looking for a lactation consultant, Maggie Towe is the person to contact. I had my third baby in August. He wasn't gaining properly and no one knew why. Everyone was just telling me to give him formula and pump to keep up my supply. He was very sleepy and lethargic and I had to wake him to feed him. It took him an hour to feed and even after an hour he wasn't emptying the breast. No one was able to figure out what was going on. Then I met with Maggie. She was so professional right from the start. She had gotten all of his numbers and stats and charted where he should be based on birthweight vs. where he was and was ready to help me with a plan. She gave me a VERY specific weighing/feeding/pumping/supplementing plan that absolutely SAVED nursing for us. She was so on top of every detail - modifying the plan weekly or even more often as he changed and things developed. She was literally the light at the end of my dark tunnel. Still nursing very happily and I know that that would NOT have been possible without Maggie!! I am forever grateful to her and could not recommend her more full-heartedly and confidently. THANK YOU, MAGGIE!!

Kelly W.