Vegetarian Diets

Individual services will vary based on differences in personal goals but all will include a review of:
    • The different types of plant strong diets
    • Desired outcomes from nutrition counseling
    • Personal and family health history
    • Lab evaluations (please bring current lab work if you have it)
    • Potential nutrient deficiencies associated with plant strong diets and how to avoid them.
    • Discussion of results from a 3 day food and exercise assessment
    • Review of any supplements and/or medications you take

From this information, a formal plan will be developed to help you meet your nutritional needs depending on the type of plant strong diet you are currently on or would like to follow. My goal is to provide solid, scientifically based information to dispel common nutrition myths surrounding plant strong diets and to work with you to come up with a nutrition plan that takes into account your specific needs.

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