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Infant and Child Nutrition

Nutrition is a critical component for all growing infants and children and an important therapy for infants and children with chronic diseases and medical conditions. Proper nutritional support prevents malnutrition, assures appropriate physical growth and development, and helps to maintain a strong immune system.    

Infant and Pediatric Nutrition Services:

·         Age-Appropriate Nutrition Guidance

·         Dietary counseling and surveillance

·         Failure to thrive 

·         Feeding problems and feeding aversions

·         Infant feeding and transitional feeding from infancy and beyond

·         Nutritional advice for picky eaters

·         Nutritional deficiencies

·         Overweight/obesity

·         Sports nutrition

·         Conditions warranting enteral nutrition support (tube feeding)

Consultation will include a comprehensive individualized nutritional and physical assessments, evaluations of oral motor, sensory, and developmental feeding skills, and in-depth family education related to nutritional needs and strategies. 

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